Are You Sitting On A Content Gold Mine?

Gold Mine

Most of us have a difficult time writing content for our blog. Blogging is like breathing to your website. It gets fresh air constantly flowing and Google loves it. At times, it may get overwhelming finding the right topics to write about that your followers and subscribers enjoy reading.

If you have already started a blog with lots of content, guess what? You are sitting on a content gold mine! You don’t have to create totally new posts to keep the air flowing, you can simply repurpose your old content.

Repurposing your old content doesn’t mean that you are replaying your most successful posts. Take a look at these amazing techniques to drive traffic to your website using your old content as something new.

Don’t Just Create Content, Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is timeless and doesn’t get old. For instance, if you are writing about a certain event, like this year’s presidential election, it is not evergreen content. Evergreen content is not content based on news articles, the latest fashion trends, or anything that may not be true over time.

Why is this so important? Evergreen content helps you to drive traffic over time. People will still search for it one year, five years, down the road. And Google loves it!

Evergreen content is your workhorse for repurposing your content.

Repurposing Content Is Part Of Your Content Promotion Plan

This piece is important, which most of us overlook. Repurposing your content shouldn’t become something you do when you are out of ideas and desperately look for new posts. Repurposing content should be within your content promotion plan.

Look, you write an evergreen long piece of content and just leave it sit on your blog. SEO may like that piece but you can use this same post to save money and create more evergreen content.

Time Is Money

We all heard it, time is money. So let’s be realistic for a moment. Repurposing content saves you time, which means you are saving money. Most likely, you are both short on time and money. Especially if you hire writers and designers to create content for you. You do the majority of work upfront and thereafter make derivatives from your investment.

It’s a Win/Win

When you are creating new content, you don’t know how much SEO you will get for that post. You write new content with a killer headline, and wait to see if your audience loves it or not. Repurposing your content allows you to choose the winners. You build on previous posts that have proven to be winner material.

Stay Relevant By Being Consistent

If you haven’t repurposed your winner mineral yet, you most likely have been wandering around different topics, which is okay when you’re starting out. But if you are repurposing your content from day one, you have higher chances to stay consistent with your topics and write within your niche. It helps your audience to learn about your niche and makes you to a trustworthy and authoritative place for such content. Obviously, anything that springs from a previous blog post will most likely be similar to the repurposed post.

Content Quality Is Better Than Content Quantity

Content marketing is based on two steps. Firstly content creations, secondly content distribution. Establish a mindset of: create less and promote more. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t want to stop creating content. You want to create evergreen content, repurpose content, and promote it more. It’s not about how many words you can fit into one post, it’s about how many people will see it.

But How Does Repurposing Content Work?

Repurposing content is not meant to spam the internet to make google hate you or annoy the heck out of people. You already have everything in place and don’t need to follow a copy and paste approach. You have done your research, you wrote the blog post, you interviewed people. Use this as a building block for repurposing your content.

Make It Easy To Find Your Best Content

It happens all the time. Your high performing piece of content that people are still reading and commenting on is only found by people that randomly find you or through the help of search engines. Don’t leave the faith of your Hall of Fame content up to that. Make it visible to current visitors, maybe you have a list on your blog or maybe you include your most popular posts in rotation in your email campaign. You can also use another high performing piece and link it to a previous post. Regardless of your strategy, make your Hall of Fame content easy to find. And the best of all, there are no rewrites involved at all.

Remember Content Distribution

As mentioned earlier, content distribution is the second piece to a successful content marketing campaign. Repurposing your content falls into the same category. Simply rewriting winner material is the first step. Finding distribution channels to help discover your content is the second step.

Use communities. Building a community on your own is really (REALLY) difficult. Frankly speaking, you don’t even have to do it when you are starting out. You can piggyback on our platforms where communities are already established. Participate in conversations on Reddit or Facebook Groups.

Experiment on different social networks. Yes, you should pick one or two social media platforms and focus on that (if you don’t have a social media team). But solely focusing on these social media platforms alone may slip away the chance of other traffic sources. For instance Google+. Google+ has completely redone their platform. It’s now based on communities, very similar to Facebook Groups and is growing like crazy. Try out different social media platforms and see if there is a community you can piggyback on.

Don’t forget publishing platforms. Using different publishing platforms is similar to using social media. There is no shortage for such platforms and you should make your blog posts visible to that community as well. The two most known ones are Medium and LinkedIn.

Turn One Blog Post Into Multimedia

Yes! You have a great blog post. It’s a winner post. Now turn it from words into graphics. It’s simply a different way how people are consuming content. Content is consumed in many different ways. Think of YouTube, the largest video content platform in the world. Choose your winner posts and turn them into different formats. Here are some examples:

Make a slide deck and upload to SlideShare. Creating a slide deck is one of the easiest way to create repurposed content. If you upload it to SlideShare, you will make it easy to people to discover it and to share and embed your content in their blogs.

Create an infographic an upload it to or Canva. You want to create content that people will share with their followers. Infographics, when done right, have a higher chance to circulate the web. If you have a piece that is infographic worth, go for it!

Have a Google Hangouts discussion about your blog post with someone else and upload it to Youtube. Youtube is part of Google, which means, anything you upload to Youtube will help you with Google’s SEO. Sometimes people don’t want to read, allow them to listen or watch instead.


Make repurposing part of your content marketing strategy and you are guaranteed to see more traffic. There are virtually no boundaries how you are going to approach it, let creativity be your best friend.