Blockchain - is your business ready to adopt?

Hi, my name is Waldemar Juschin and this is my New Years resolution - starting a weekly newsletter discussing blockchain technology. If you're like me, you probably have heard of blockchain technology, bitcoin, smart contracts, tokenization, and so on. You may or may not have bought Bitcoin and you probably don't really understand what exactly this blockchain technology is and how it will transform the world as we know it - but you do know that it's going to happen very soon.

So ... who am I and why am I starting this newsletter?

I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, was born in Russia, raised in Germany, and moved to the US when I was 18 to learn English and ended up staying here. I have an MBA, a background in marketing, run my own tiny company 5AM Provisions, Inc. as a fun experimental side project, and currently work full-time at Facebook.

I am also in the process to learn coding (currently 2 year in the making and still not very far) and love to be a first mover. I love trying out new technologies, strategies, and test them whenever possible. This is when my company 5AM Provisions comes in. It allows me to test new tools and strategies first hand.

Blockchain technology is something that I've been following since 2013. Well, actually it was Bitcoin. I bought my first Bitcoin for $50 and sold it for $80 after it was crashing down from $130. I just finished college and had this as my first investment. Unfortunately, I didn't understand the technology behind Bitcoin and did not buy any more during the early years.

This newsletter will not be about cryptocurrency but rather about the underling technology - the blockchain technology and how small businesses can benefit from it. I'm super interested into how businesses will operate in the future and I strongly believe that the businesses that are the most transparent will win. Decentralized companies, open source projects, and transparency is the future.

My goal is to learn about blockchain technology, find out how small businesses can benefit from it, try it out myself, and show you how I've done it along the way. But before even launching a project in this space, I need to learn everything about it. The first couple newsletters will be rather educational and then hopefully transition into summarizes of my learning experience of implementing different ideas and projects.

Something that I'm really interested in is to figure out how I can create my own token (cryptocurrency) and use it as a reward system for customers, ambassadors, and other stakeholders of 5AM. We are currently trying out an ambassador program and are going all in with micro-influencers to review our products. Right now, we are only offering our products for free in return for a review but I want to add something to it to show more appreciation. And the little something is giving away our own 5AM token. I have no clue how it actually will work but know that figuring it out can create huge upsides.

Also, instead of explaining what something is, I am going to offer links to certain terms. I don't want to waste your time with explaining something that people already have explained many times and probably would have done it much better than me anyways. So here is an article explaining the difference between token and coin:

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Also, please please connect with me and provide your feedback. I’m hear to learn and share and would love to learn from you as well!

Happy Holidays,

Waldemar Juschin,