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implement inbound marketing to improve ROI for your small business


Inbound Marketing Methodology  

Attracting Strangers, Converting Visitors, Closing Leads, Delighting Customers



Attracting strangers to your website starts with content. Starting a blog to create educational content will help you to get found online by prospective customers. Your content needs to speak to them and answer their questions.


Once you have a visitor on your website, you need to convert those visitors into leads. Some of the best tools are forms, calls-to-action, landing pages, and gathering their contact information.


Hey, you got leads! But how do you convert them into customers? Closing tools can include: CRM, closed-loop reporting, email marketing, and/or marketing automation.


Inbound Marketing is all about providing remarkable content to users. This is true for any type of user, whether stranger, visitor, lead, or paying customer. You can use tools like; surveys, smart calls-to-action, smart text, and/or social media monitoring to keep customer engagement and customer retention maximized.

Services That Will Grow Your Business & Increase
Your Return On Investment

Market Research

  • Analyzing Competitors  
  • Identifying Target Market
  • Developing Differentiators
  • Business Model Canvas

Website Development

  • Website Update
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Content Creation
  • Photo & Video Production
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization


  • CRM - Customer Relation Management 
  • PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Automation
  • Analytics
  • Productivity Tools

Waldemar Juschin


Waldemar Juschin has over 5 years of experience in Business Development and Marketing. He received his MBA in Marketing from Delta State University and has already launched two businesses. One in Germany, AEN Engineering GmbH & Co. KG, and one in California, 5AM Provisions, Inc. He speaks fluent English, German, and Russian.

"I always try to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends."    -Waldemar Juschin

Using Inbound Marketing has proven to be more effective than traditional marketing tactics. Waldemar has acknowledged this new approach and is able to improve your small business with his skill set and knowledge.

Individualized For Every Client

Hiring Waldemar for your Inbound Marketing needs is delightful and productive.
Customer service is his most important priority and he will always go the extra mile to finish your project on time.

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